Pay Your Hellertown Water Bill

News and Updates - Spring - 2018

New Standby Disinfection Station
The new station, located on Reservoir Road, is nearing completion; the old station will soon be demolished. This station will be used in the event of a mechanical or power outage and ensure that our water quality will meet all regulatory requirements for disinfection.

Meter Replacement Project
Your water meter is connected to a battery-operated radio transmitter allowing the Authority to record your metered water usage without having to enter your premises. The batteries in the transmitter have a life expectancy of 10-12 years and are nearing the end of their useful life. Our field personnel have been visiting premises and replacing the radio transmitter generally located on an outside wall. Some customers have the transmitter located inside their buildings and our field personnel will work with those customers to run a wire and relocate the transmitter to an outside wall. Generally, our field personnel will knock on your door to advise you that they are working outside your premises for a few minutes. Watch for our white trucks with Authority lettering and our servicemen who generally will be wearing blue uniforms.

Two radio towers have been installed, one at our garage on Front Street and the other on the top of our water storage tank on Apple Street. We have been using both towers successfully. This system will replace the past methodology of having to drive throughout the borough and gather the readings. It is another example of how the Authority is trying to make our water system more efficient and responsive to customer needs.

Rate Changes
The Board of Directors approved a rate change effective for all usage after January 1, 2018. The actual rates were included in an annual newsletter sent with the first quarter bills in early-January. They are also available for review elsewhere on this website.

Sewer Blockages
We remind our customers receiving sewer service that while blockages in the Authority system and backups into private property are rare, they can occur. The Authority does not cover any damages on private property.  All customers are urged to contact their insurance company to ensure that necessary insurance is in place should you ever need it. Should you experience a sewer backup, always notify the Authority so that our field technicians can inspect our nearby facilities and try to determine the cause of the backup.

Scam Alert
A possible scam was brought to our attention late last year.  Residents contacted the Borough and Borough Authority regarding a Caller ID showing on their phones from the Borough or Borough Authority. These callers request credit card information for open invoices and threaten that their water will be shut off. Please do not give any personal information over the phone! Contact the Borough Authority or the Hellertown Police Department if you receive such a call.

Our personnel seldom come to your home or business without an advance appointment. Please either ask for identification or call our office at 610-838-8051 to verify the person.

- Glenn B. Higbie, Administrator